Thursday, January 10, 2013


First post. The same old feeling as I write the first post on any blog. That moment where your brain stopped working and suddenly all the things you planned to write just evaporated into thin air which will later be condensed and fall as rain. Perhaps it is better if I make a list of what to expect from this blog, much like a preface to a book, this post will be a preface to what will be a place for me record any memorable event or rant on any memorable stupidity.

The main reason I started (re-started) this blog is to record any interesting bits about places I will visit and have visited in the past. In short, this is a travel blog, but I will add some personal touch by writing anything semi-personal that can be shared (no kisah bawah kelambu) and also rant about the current event. As of now, I am very tempted to write a piece about SYABAS-Selangor Water Crisis 2013 but I think I should read more before commenting on this.

As soon as I get my computer running normally, I will try to upload as many pictures I can of the places I have been to. Therefore, I would like to apologize beforehand if the low quality photos I take reflect my inability to see things in an artful manner. So do expect lots of pictures on this blog and any   critics on the pictures (on composition, techniques, etc..) are welcomed.

Nazmi Azudin


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